• Our </br>Vision
    Our vision is to facilitate forming a self contingent, self convinced and self conscious society that will be able to accent its role in helping its country in cracking its social and environmental problems.
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  •  Our </br>Mission
    Our mission is to train, coach and guide the public on a range of social and environmental issues. This will enable them to achieve their full potential, and make a difference in hitting upon keys.
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  • Our </br> Goal
    Accent is devoted to the concept of sustainable development, development that fulfills the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to fulfill their’s.
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Wednesday, 17 February 2016 20:02

«Accent» at the YouthSpeak Forum

On 17 February 2016 «Accent» participated at the YouthSpeak Forum, organized by the AIESEC Armenia branch with support from the UN Office in Armenia.

It brought together both young and senior leaders to form a diverse cross-sector and multi-generational space for inspiring conversations around pressing global issues.

The forum was dedicated to the newly adopted Sustainable Development Goals and aimed to create an environment where people from diverse backgrounds can cross-pollinate ideas, share insights and gain new perspectives to create actionable outcomes to push the world forward.

The speakers were presenting the most recognizable and innovative companies of Armenia. The delegates participated in informative sessions and got more awareness on the Sustainable Development Goals which will make the development agenda of the world and of Armenia till 2030.